Plastisol Ink vs. Water Based Ink: What’s Different?

By: Kaitlyn Ingram,  

So, what is the deal with plastisol versus water based ink? Ink is one of the most used products when you are screen printing. For a long time plastisol inks were the most common choice since water based inks were more difficult to use. Plastisol served printers well and created some rad designs. But this oil based ink requires a variety of chemicals for clean up and isn’t sustainable or eco-friendly. In years since, Ryonet has worked hard to make better water based ink options. Water based inks, like Ryonet’s Green Galaxy HSA Water Based Inks are friendly to the environment, stays wet in the screen longer, require little or no chemicals for clean up, and looks and feels great on garments. It’s time to stop arguing about plastisol versus water based inks! There are options for both kinds of printing, with benefits to both. Choose what’s best for you, and tell us what you prefer and why in the comments below! Check out this video to see Josh talk a little bit more about it: